Paris is a city of innovation and entrepreneurs. If you are interested in starting a new business in the EU, you have to be in Paris. We can help you get registered, find a new business space and get operations moving.

Legacy Enterprises

Foreign companies who need an international presence should always consider Paris. It is a large international market that can help your brand grow. By opening a new location in France, you will increase your exposure on the international luxury market.


For companies who want to open up multiple locations, we can provide a tailored and customized plan so that you can pick the right locations, get the remodeling scheduled, and assist with the legalities of hiring employees in France.

International Strategy

All foreign companies should consider Paris an essential part of their international presence and strategy. Every major company in the world has an office or boutique location in Paris. We can find a space to fit your needs so you can develop your business in France.

Business Space

Our search for your new business is more than just a search for a commercial space. There is value in the space that you occupy, and conduct your business activities, that will gain in value over time. Our search team can find any type of space for your business or enterprise, send us more information on your project so we can get started.

Buying a French Company

Our team can help you understand the purchasing process for your business, and ensure that you are making a smart decision.

Selling Your Business

For business owners who decide to sell their business, we can list your property for sale and represent you to potential buyers. We will promote your business for sale on our network of international investors. Our team will represent you, and we will provide you with guidance until you receive the funds from your sale.