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What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer when visiting a site or viewing an advertisement. In particular, they aim to collect information about your navigation on the sites.These cookies do not identify you personally, but only the browser of your reception terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone ...).

Types of cookies:

Several cookies are used on our site, they have different purposes.

Audience measurement cookies:

These cookies allow us to analyze the audience of the site, to know its use as well as its performances in order to improve its functioning.

Cookie used on the site:

Name: _ga => Analytical cookie (Google Analytics) that tracks your visits to the site.

Accept or refuse cookies:

By browsing our site, you accept the use of cookies that provide optimal access to the site.

The setting of your internet browser:

You can disable these cookies at any time. Your browser can be configured to notify you of the cookies that are deposited and ask you to accept them or not. You can manage cookies on a case-by-case basis or systematically refuse them for all sites.

This setting can change your access conditions to the site. If your browser is configured to refuse cookies, you may not be able to take full advantage of our site.

Settings from a cookie management platform:

You can also manage your cookie preferences by going directly to the cookie management platforms offered by some advertising professionals.