Investing in France now is an unprecedented opportunity

Investing in France now is an unprecedented opportunity, but it has it's own challenges. The business culture, legal requirements, and particular customs can make it very difficult for foreigners not familiar with the French system. That's where we come in. We are experts in navigating the French real estate landscape with our partners in the real estate industry, the legal realm of attorneys, business managers, tax advisers and relocation specialists. This takes away a lot of the uncertainty for our clients and saves them from potentially expensive mistakes. Our international team includes English and French speaking natives plus other major international languages. We believe in circling our clients with the expertise they need to ensure they are supported so each client can achieve their goal.


Our clients often have international backgrounds, complex wealth strategies, and entrepreneurial spirits. They come to us because they have a vision, and they need some help getting there. After our first meeting, we will understand your situation and test the feasibility and timeline of your project. We will draw out a map on how to get there, and we will assemble the right team members to support your project. Working with you, we will provide you with a solid plan on how to achieve your goals.


Upon determining your needs and objectives, we will begin a search for the best properties to review for you. After selecting the properties that would match your criteria and your consent to buy, we will represent your interests, and make sure to look for any hidden issues or inconsistencies with the legality of your purchase. We are your advocates and your agents. We will stay with you through the entire process. The process can take a minimum of 2-3 months depending on if you are buying in cash or obtaining a mortgage.


If you need to sell your real estate in Paris, we will list your property and promote your listing to our database of international clients. We will not only list your property for sale, but we will actively look for a buyer to purchase your home or business. We can take the worry away, and represent your interests.


It is proven that a tangible asset like real estate can not only provide a steady revenue stream, but it can also have long term value appreciation. Year-over-year Paris has seen steady growth in the value of it's property and space. With height restrictions on buildings, and the beltway of the peripherique around the city, the value of space each year naturally becomes more valuable. Investing in Paris is investing in a piece of history that has been in existence since the Gauls.

Commercial Real Estate

For business owners, investors and board of directors, we can work with you on any request to ensure you have continuity of business into France and the EU. We are able to search and find the perfect commercial space for your business, office or franchise. Our fully licensed real estate agency is able to buy and sell any type of commercial business property including hôtel particuliers, CRE, corporate entities and business space. We are able to create a plan for any type of business venture who is interested in doing business in France.


Whether you are looking for short or long term, residential or commercial space, we can find the right place for you to live or rent for your business. We offer a full range of short term and long term rentals via our partner website Paris Rentals By Ruben. For clients who want to buy and rent through Paris Rentals by Ruben, we offer a complimentary consultation to understand your project and advise you on how we can include you in our property rental management business.


For new start-up businesses or those opening a new international location in France, we can bring together a team of advisers to help you through every step of the process. We can help you open a single location on a famous avenue in Paris, or a multi-faceted plan for long term expansion into each arrondissement of the city. From business registration to filing your taxes, we have a full network of professionals who can assist you in making sure you are operating legally. We can help you find office or boutique space, or if you need to convert a place into your business, we can introduce you to architects and interior designers.


Existing businesses who have already conquered their own cities may want to take their sucess and start a new venture in France. It's important to localize your brand to the new market, and be located in the right part of the city to make sure you optimize local traffic patterns. Finding an affordable location, and ensuring you are following the local codes is essential for a smooth transition into a foreign market.


There are 20 arrondissements in Paris inside the famous peripherique beltway. The metro area continues to expand. The announcement of the Grand Paris train network has attracted more international corporations to move their headquarters to the Île de France region. Having your franchise in Paris is essential for a presence in the EU, and on the world stage. We can help you build a comprehensive plan to find the perfect locations, position them strategically throughout the city, and to create an infrastructure for you to be able to maintain business operations and administration during your expansion.