Why Paris?

France has always been a leader in the EU and on the world stage. It is a strong and advanced country within the EU, and it continues to be a leading nation around the world. Paris has the largest concentration of educated workers in the EU, and it is a hub for green-tech, medical research, high-tech start-ups and luxury goods and services.

Why Now?

Interest rates are at historical lows, and the French administration wants to promote new business. The city limits of Paris cannot expand any further, and height restrictions prevent the city from going up any higher. The amount of space in Paris naturally becomes less available and the value naturally appreciates due to an increase in demand. As the Île de France region continues to expand, Paris will feel the largest amount of value and growth.

Short Term

Paris is a lively city, and one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. In addition to this, Paris is a hub for commerce that continues to attract talented workers and their families. Short and medium term property rentals are highly sought after in the city, and they can provide revenue to pay the mortgage.

Check out our collection of vacation rentals available throughout Paris, easily available to book with Paris Rentals by Ruben. Don't see something that matches what you are looking for? Please send us your request, and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Long Term

Investing for the long term with a rental property or business can help you secure better terms and rights. We offer property management services for businesses and owners who invest in Paris. We can take care of your administration and accounting plus guide you through the set up process.

If you don't see what you want in our long term rental section with ERA Immobilier, send us your request, and we will do our best to assist you.

Investor Delight

Come to Paris and see the City of Light, stay in one of our rentals, and view different properties for potential investment. Speak with the experts while you are in town, and review your options for buying a new home, a rental property or business space. Come to Paris and see the City of Light, stay in one of our rentals


For those who do not live in Paris or who want professional management, our management company can help you manage your investment. We can help you find tenants, and ensure you are following all of the complicated laws and rules in France. Paris has many regulations on rental property, our licensed team is qualified and experienced with over 15 years working with clients in Paris.

Business Plan

For investors who don't know how to get started, we offer consultation and guidance on how to start your business plan. Our business specialists can ensure you are registering your business legally, and following the processes for administration in France. We can be your partner in achieving your goals and aspirations.

High Net Worth

Paris is a luxury city that caters to wealthy clients from around the world. Our professional partners work with high net worth individuals, families and companies. We offer tailored and customized solutions for those who are searching for a luxury home or business space.