Home & Business Hunting

Finding the perfect home or business space in Paris can take some time,  it all depends on where you want to be, and how much you are willing to spend. We base our property search commission on how much the sales price is minus any notary fees or taxes. We have a tiered pricing schedule based, and it is available in our Welcome Package. Please send us more information on your project through our contact form, we will send you a link for our Welcome Package.


Selling your home through our agency is simple. We will agree to a specific fee based on your sales price, and we will advertise your property all fees included. This helps potential buyers know exactly how much the sales price is. We will list your property on all of our databases, and email it to all of our international agency contacts so that we can find you a buyer quickly.


Depending on your project, we would agree to specific terms for our services provided to you for your investment in France. If it is tied into a real estate purchase or lease, then it would be based on our tiered commission schedule. For complex or unique requests, we would agree to a package fee for our consultation services. Please submit your project to us on our contact form, we will send you our Welcome Package which includes additional information on our pricing and fees.


Many factors are taken into consideration when renting including the term, the purpose and whether furnishings are included. Please contact us with your request, and we will send you more information on our pricing for renting in France.


Consulting fees are paid on an hourly basis or through an agreement for a consultation package of services. Fees depend upon the complexity of the project, and the duration of time estimated for the project. Each client will receive a plan of action plus a consultation fee agreement before the commencement of each project. Any fees charged by qualified and licensed professionals within our network will be agreed to and charged separately.


Clients who seek concierge services will be charged for each service provided by that respective company within our network. Concierge services are provided to you by professional companies who work with high net worth clients. These services are organized and agreed to separately.