Owning real estate or having a business in France requires you to have a bank account to do the minimum transactions for your new home or business like paying your taxes. We can refer you to professional bankers through retail banking offices or high net worth private client offices for residential mortgages. For businesses, we can introduce you to our corporate and commercial bankers located in Paris.


Not all clients need to borrow money to purchase a new home or to finance their new business. If you would like a mortgage, we can help you get pre-approved through a mortgage broker or bank depending on your residency and work status. Commercial and corporate banks can accept lending requests for start-up businesses, foreign brand expansion into France and franchise companies. Banks in France all require a down payment or joint investment of the client.


Whether you need to evaluate the long term feasibility of your project, or the financial stability of a business expansion into France, we will review your goals to make sure we implement a solid plan for success. If you are buying or investing in a new home or business space, we can schedule an appraisal with a qualified and licensed appraiser through our professional network to obtain a valuation of your property.

Currency Exchange

Transferring your down payment for your new home or start up costs for your business can be costly if you don't have a good exchange rate. There are also restrictions on the movement of money across international borders. To make sure you get the best rates and terms, we have a network of licensed currency exchange brokers who can transfer funds for you easily.


Credit insurance is required when you borrow money in France to buy real estate. Insuring your home is required by law, both if you own the home or you rent. Businesses have many different insurance requirements depending on the industry and business activity. The insurance agencies in our professional network offer a full selection of products and services for individuals, families and businesses for both residents and non-residents.


All purchase and sale transactions in France require a notary. They are considered representatives of France, and they pay your taxes for you. It's important to have your own notaire to ensure your business transactions for buying, selling and investing are legally binding and filed properly with the French administration plus the appropriate amount of taxes. We work with several notaries who are able to handle all transactions for international clients. They often offer other legal services including estate planning, tax advice, business start-up formation and more.


Whether you are a resident or a foreigner, France will ask you to pay your taxes. The French administration has a complex and thick tax structure. It's good to understand what your tax liability may be before making big decisions. We work with tax advisers who can guide you through the French tax system, and also other countries who are effected by global taxation or taxation in their home country.


Being able to remain in France to live in your home or to run your business is important. France is open for business and does have programs for foreign companies who wish to open a location in the Paris region. We work with immigration specialists who can take care of your paperwork and help you navigate the immigration policies to ensure you and your employees are safe to live and freely work in France.

Business Startup

For businesses who are starting up in Paris, we can help you from start to finish. Our business advisers can set up your paperwork, we can get an accountant working on your employee contracts and financial reporting, and our commercial team will start the search for your new business location. We can help you bring it all together, and find the right location for you in Paris.


Franchise companies can expand into the Paris region with multiple locations strategically placed in the hippest areas. Bring in your company full force with an on-the-ground team who can find your locations, arrange them to be remodeled and ready for business.


Paris is a luxury city. We offer a suite of services through our professional network for those high net worth clients who need extra assistance. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have a request, we will do our best to connect you with reputable concierge professionals.


Not all spaces are ready to move in for business, we take the stress away by having you work with our professional designers and architects. They offer full design packages including artisans who can take care of the work for both residential and business space renovation.